Jane Wright R.P.T. is a traditionally trained Physical Therapist who complements her practice with clairvoyant capacities. Since early on in life her burning questions have been: what is illness? what is Health? How does one regain health when lost? What indeed is a human being?

Beginning a meditative practice in 1976, the above questions were brought into this realm, at first haphazardly and then systematically. As more of a foundation in perceptual skills was prepared, correlating the vast numbers of impressions within any small region of our organism began be to increasingly understandable. More questions arose. What is ideal? What is less than ideal? What is pathology? How can it be objectively determined for someone who is not clairvoyant? How can a contribution be made to move the condition back in the direction approaching the ideal? Nearly thirty years have passed in this pursuit.

Many aspects of the human organism have been explored, many more beckon. The Etheric body is often overlooked in understanding dysfunction and pain in the Physical. A great deal of research time has been spent there. The Various soul forces and their relationships can also significantly contribute to pain & dysfunction in the physical body. The population of people coming for treatment has repeatedly brought the focus of my studies to the brain & nervous system, and the amazing scope of how various wounds there bring about pain, dysfunction in so many ways in the organism.

Freedom and ease in mobility and motility [the unique individual subtle movement patterns inherent in organs, glands, and regions] can seem like a miraculous thing when it was recently absent, but this work, although a manifestation of the spirit into a practical dimension of life, is physiologically sound & utilizing what modern science can contribute. It is meant to be understood in the clear consciousness a scientific inquiry can enhance.

My work has been deeply influenced by the colossal contributions of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and that of Paul Platt.