Lesion Finders To Safely Enhance Treatment

This course focuses on methodologies which allow a condition which out of clairvoyant perception can be seen as present, to “surface” for treatment. The more specific the condition, the more specific the treatment, so a lesion that is wholly contained within the boundaries of the brain-stem, most times not will come forward for treatment, without using the brain-stem’s lesion finder.

Thus far in order to find (allow to surface) lesions that begin and end within a specific structure, one must activate the lesion-finder and utilize it to uncover and treat these lesions. It may then be used with utmost specificity to treat the region for various conditions such as hyperpermeability and detoxification.

What is amazing to me is that these and other centers of therapeutic action are latent or slumbering within the organism and like a combination lock can be opened and utilized with the specificity required of both. Lesion finders aid and assist the expedience of treatment to a very high degree.

Specific dates and times for this class will be announced in the future.