The Etheric Body

My research has led me to the conclusion that the etheric body is often overlooked in treating the organism. The etheric body takes up the same space as the physical body, ideally. It should not extend past the physical body, except a bit beyond the head. The etheric body is very similar to the energy of the plant. It is very pure; it is less differentiated than the other bodies. To get an impression of it look at someone while they're sleeping. During the sleep phase, one can see the individual without the presence of the astral body. While we are asleep, our astral body and our ego move to the spiritual dimension, the spiritual world.

The etheric body can be fairly easily injured. The first type of injury of the etheric body, which I perceived was a phenomenon wherein the etheric body extends or herniates away from the physical body into the arena reserved for the astral body. These appear as cone-shaped the extensions. The longer they exist, the further from the etheric body they protrude. This type of energy imbalance usually manifests as a physical phenomena or incident once a certain distance away from the physical body. Usually, these energy imbalances combine with other conditions to create injury and illness. This type of imbalance is created by self rejection.

Condensing much of what could be said; I’ll simply state some conclusions to orient potential students to this content. Until the age of seven, we do not have our own etheric body. We live in the forces of our parents' etheric body—whatever is in the undigested memory of our parents etheric body is what we live in. All of the memories and experiences in our life are coded into our etheric body. We can learn ongoingly to have access to what is in our etheric body, and what condition it is in. During the course of the yearly rhythms of life different aspects of our etheric body are highlighted. We can update, the condition of life events, so that they are not as toxic, unworkable, depleting, self-perpetuating or destructive. It is crucial that at seven or eight years old, we make a separation from our parents, that we gain an independent etheric body.

We can also develop tears in our etheric body. There are several kinds of tears. One type often occurs during the course of a separation in relationship. When we have an intimate physical relationship, and there is a sudden separation, such as death, or sudden breakup, these tears occur. These rips when added to other energy imbalances can create a dysfunction. This is one reason why, at the death of a spouse, frequently the remaining spouse gets ill.

During this time in history, human beings have the condition that their soul components operate automatically. The feeling soul can trigger off a thought, which can instantly set an action into effect. Eventually, the Higher Self will gain sovereignty over these soul forces and they will separate from each other somewhat. The individual working out of their Higher Self will set in motion one or more of the soul forces, this automatic tendency will cease. No one from the outside of us will "push our buttons.” We will decide from the inside, in what soul activity, we will engage.

As it stands now, our soul forces can, each in their own way, damage the etheric body. The feeling soul can impinge upon the space reserved for the etheric body. This occurs, when our feeling soul is set in motion by an event that we don’t like or that significantly gets our attention. The feeling life is profound and not particularly comfortable—in fact, it's often painful. Because of this pain, and because our soul forces are not separated, pure feeling, which is nonverbal in nature, does not often occur. Emotion is a mixture of feeling and thought, this combination brings the astral into the area reserved for the etheric. Like the other energy imbalances, this condition by it self does not create illness, but this can combine with others to do so.

The etheric can be paralyzed, atrophied, atonic, overstressed, hardened, diminished, compressed, and many other dysfunctions. The etheric often develops tunneling holes through it, both from receiving or emitting rage, malice and a host of negative emotions.

The ether body is a primary source of boundary between us and the world. When our in etheric is in tatters, the world impinges on us in an unideal fashion. We cannot keep its out. This presents myriad problems. Any area, where the etheric is not available becomes a sitting duck, where accidents injuries and illness can occur.

All of these types of dysfunction can be treated, each in a step by step manner. The etheric body is a resource for each of us to husband, and treasure.

In esoteric development, the etheric body can lift off from the physical. One can learn to live in the etheric body with one’s consciousness. One can learn to mobilize purposefully our etheric body. In one type of distance treatment, one would use one’s etheric hands to accomplish the treatment.

During this course, perception of the etheric will be supported, in addition sensitive treatment of its various types of damage will be made available in ways that stem from, but do not require clairvoyant capacities.

Specific dates and times for this class will be announced in the future.