Astral (Soul) Defense and Treatment

We live in a world where all manner of danger exists for the human soul, from within and without. The components of the soul are Feeling or Sentient Soul, Rational or Thinking Soul, Consciousness Soul or Will (these were Steiner’s original nomenclature which I have verified for myself) and Pre-consciousness Soul or Sophianic (Achemode) Soul which I have perceived out of myself.

Each of these soul forces can be damaged in various ways and if lop-sidedly predominant or underdeveloped can lead to damage in other soul structures as well as the physical and etheric. The ideals of interaction among beings do not manifest continually on this plane as yet and soul damage can radically contribute to disease and dysfunction.

Again people who take this course do not have to be clairvoyant because the treatment for these various conditions does not require it, just a degree of sensitivity above the average.

Various types of interactional dynamics will be fleshed out for cognition as well as treatment.

Specific dates and times for this class will be announced in the future.